Sony Xperia XA3 renderings exposure: 21:9 screen, wide forehead small chin

Sony’s legendary new flagship phone Xperia XZ4 looks very unique, using a 21:9 odd screen ratio. According to a new report, not only XZ4, Sony has at least another mobile phone that looks so strange.

Sony Xperia XA3
Sony Xperia XA3
Sony Xperia XA3
Sony Xperia XA3

Roland Quandt, who broke the news, just released a rendering of the allegedly Sony “XA3” on Twitter. According to the information of the rendered image, the machine uses a 21:9 ratio screen similar to the XZ4, and does not use a design such as a bangs screen or a water drop screen. In addition, the machine uses rear dual camera, no rear fingerprint reader.

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Compared to the XZ4, the forehead of this phone looks quite wide, while the chin is very narrow. This coincides with the previously exposed film spy photos .

However, Roland Quandt is also not sure about the real body of the machine. He thinks that the machine may also be the XA3 trumpet and the screen size should be at least 5.9 inches, but no specific parameters can be given. Earlier Bluetooth-certified information showed that several phones that were recently unveiled should be Xperia XA3, XA3 Ultra, and L3.

If there are no accidents, we will find out the real body at the MWC 2019 conference, although it is really surprising that the appearance of this phone is quite unexpected.

Source, on Twitter

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