Ni Fei: ZTE Nubia MWC 2019 will push flexible screen new species

Ni Fei, general manager of Nubia smartphones, said on Weibo today that it will launch a new “flexible screen species” at MWC 2019.

ZTE Nubia A flexible Wearable
ZTE Nubia A flexible Wearable

Ni Fei said that he recently saw Xiaomi and Rouyu arguing about flexible screens. He also heard that Huawei will display flexible screen mobile phones at this year’s MWC. Regarding flexible screens, Nubia has different thinking. Nubian is in 18 years. On the IFA of the month, a flexible screen wearable prototype named “α” was exhibited, which was crowned by the media.

Ni Fei also said that through user insight research, it is found that the product form of the flexible screen will be more harmonious and more practical than the one on the hand. Nubia believes that the black technology is for humanization and application scenarios. After the year, MWC witnessed new species of flexible screens.

From Ni Fei’s statement, Nubia will introduce a new flexible device at MWC 2019, and will still be worn on the wrist like last year’s nubiaα. It is worth mentioning that Nubia has revealed that nubiaα will be mass-produced later, so MVC2019 on Nubia may release a production version of nubiaα.


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