OPPO Hole-In-Display patent exposure: proactively hidden in the App icon

OPPO Hole-In-Display Patent Exposure

Screen camera opening technology, is another new comprehensive screen design language after 18:9 full screen, notch, water drop screen. Compared with the full screen design of the sliding cover, the opening technology can make the body light and thin; compared with the design of the bangs full screen, the opening technology can make the whole screen more integrated and more visual impact.

At this stage, the digging screen is not a new “black technology”. The offline camera used by Huawei Nova 4 and honor V20 is the Hole-In-Display screen design. However, there are still many consumers who are not very flustered about this Hole-In-Display screen, indicating that there is a black hole on the screen, which is a bit unacceptable.

However, this situation is expected to improve in the future.

According to letsgodigital, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) included two patents for OPPO. The patent shows that OPPO is also studying the camera opening technology under the screen, and OPPO has also given its own solution to the problem of “black hole on the screen” for consumers.

​OPPO Hole-In-Display Patent

The patent shows that the OPPO can also display icons on the top of the hole screen. The icon can be merged with the front camera, so that the front camera can be hidden in the App icon, and the front camera can only be seen when dragging the icon.

​OPPO Hole-In-Display Patent

What is similar to this is Samsung’s patented digging screen. Samsung adds a second screen in the boring area to display small patterns or other backgrounds. When you need to use the camera, the transparency is 100%; when you are measuring the heart rate, this small screen displays the heart rate related icons, and more features like widget display will be used in this hole.

​OPPO Hole-In-Display Patent

The OPPO official previously announced that it will showcase the latest 10x hybrid optical zoom technology on the MWC2019, which has reached commercial scale and is capable of mass production. In view of this, OPPO’s next-generation flagship does not rule out that the new machine may be equipped with on-screen camera opening technology.

Source – Lestsgodigital

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