Vivo Apex 2019 Official Now, Promo and new Technology Introduced

Vivo Apex 2019 Official Now, Promo and new Technology Introduced 2

Vivo held a communication meeting in Beijing and officially launched APEX 2019.

The vivo APEX 2019 features a minimalist design that ends the smart phone buttons. According to the official introduction, it uses a double-sensing hidden button to sense the user’s pressing operation through the sensor, which realizes the operation of adjusting the volume and shutting down/locking the screen. And it is equipped with a full-screen sound technology, truly “zero hole speaker” . Although you can’t see it, you can “listen”.

Vivo APEX 2019 Official Promo

In addition, the vivo APEX 2019 is equipped with screen fingerprint technology. It once again leads the screen fingerprint unlocking revolution, equipped with full-screen fingerprint technology, which is a new technology after the “half-screen fingerprint” on the vivo APEX full-screen concept mobile phone. According to the official introduction, full-screen fingerprint technology supports unlocking anywhere.

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Configuration, vivo APEX 2019 equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, built-in 12GB + 512GB memory combination.

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APEX 2019 media communication meeting held today to show us the concept of many black technology, these technologies will become a development direction of vivo 2019 smartphone, below we officially An introductory picture of the various black technologies used in the vivo APEX 2019.

The vivo APEX 2019 is equipped with the latest 5G communication technology, and uses a variety of technologies to ensure the heat dissipation and module size of the 5G communication baseband. There is a big breakthrough in the overall shape of the mobile phone. The vivo APEX 2019 concept mobile phone cancels the traditional mobile phone button, adopts the double sensor hidden button, and realizes the volume lock screen operation through the touch frame.

The vivo APEX 2019 also supports screen sound technology and full-screen fingerprint technology. In full-screen fingerprint technology, the vivo APEX 2019 can unlock single fingers and two fingers at any position on the screen.

In addition, vivo APEX 2019 also canceled the speaker hole of the mobile phone, using a zero-hole speaker, the sound conduction unit and the glass body are closely attached, and the sound is realized by vibration.

In addition, the vivo APEX 2019 uses a self-locking magnetic interface for charging, which also ensures that the phone body has no holes.

Many of the technologies in this concept will become the standard configuration of the next generation of vivo NEX, and this will become a major direction for the development of mobile phones in vivo in 2019.

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