Meizu Zero one-piece phone support eSIM card / mEngine virtual button / IP68 waterproof

Meizu Zero Officially Announced

Meizu Li Nan lived the Meizu Zero conference, Li Nan live show Meizu Zero non-porous phone simple to use, it uses the One Piece design language, the fuselage is seamless Design, 3D ceramic body.

Meizu Zero
Meizu Zero

Meizu said that Meizu Zero is the world’s first true non-porous future mobile phone. Based on the concept of “minimalist” and “unbound”, it adopts ONE PIECE Unibody ceramic integrated design. The body has no physical buttons, and the palm art is seamless.

Meizu Zero Official Teaser

According to the official introduction, Meizu zero really non-porous mobile phone removed the physical card slot, using eSIM air card.

Meizu Zero
Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero really has no physical buttons, retains the mEngine horizontal linear motor, and the virtual button replaces the physical volume button and power button. Because there is no hole, it directly realizes the IP68 waterproof function.

Meizu Zero, the screen is 5.99 flexible OLED screen, the processor is the Xiaolong 845 processor, the camera is still IMX 380 and IMX 350 AI dual camera and front 20 megapixel camera.

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