Vivo Apex 2019 Promotional Blind Activity Video

vivo official microblogging released a video about the upcoming APEX mobile phone this afternoon, the video staff took a black box to the streets, let passers-by blindly touch the black box, When I was told that it was a mobile phone, I could not express my expression.

Vivo Apex 2019 Blind Activity

The passers-by made a description of the feelings of touching things, feeling like pebbles, feeling like metal soap, and people think it is a charging treasure or an oval board. When they were told that they were mobile phones, they were all amazed because they didn’t feel the buttons and jacks when they were blindly touching, but felt like a glass material.

From the previous propaganda and this video, the new unit of vivo APEX will be very good. There is no button jack, and it feels almost a piece of cobblestone. It also has more appetite for its appetite. And expectation.
Vivo APEX new machine will be officially released on January 24.

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