The big news released the Samsung S10/S10E/S10+ latest renderings

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E And S10 Plus High Quality Images Leaks

Just now, the big news Evan Blass released the latest renderings of the Samsung S10 series of three mobile phones, showing us the appearance of these three new phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

The Samsung S10 series will include the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus (S10+) and Galaxy S10 E (formerly known as S10 Lite), plus a 5G version codenamed “BeyondX”. Now, we can roughly see the appearance of several other mobile phones except the 5G version.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

According to the information on the rendered image, the Samsung S10 E, S10, S10+ are different in size and different in shape and configuration. Samsung S10 E is a relatively low version, equipped with rear dual camera, with perforated screen design, front single camera configuration; S10, S10+ shape is relatively close, with rear three camera and perforated screen design, but S10+ The “hole” on the screen takes the shape of a pill, and should be a dual camera configuration instead of a single camera like the S10.

In addition, there have been exposure reports that the S10 E’s low-profile version of the S10 E will not use a curved screen design. This may also be a difference between the S10 E and other S10 series high-end models, but without a surprise, the S10 E will have the same Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 dual processor versions as the S10 and S10+.

Samsung will hold a Galaxy new product launch in the early morning of February 21st, Beijing time, and it is expected to launch a new Galaxy S10 series mobile phone. By then we will be able to see the true colors of these phones.


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