Suspected Samsung Galaxy S10+ mobile phone real machine appeared

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Real time Appearance

foreign media shared a photo of a suspected Samsung S10 + mobile phone, it is reported that this photo was taken from the South Korean SRT train, the picture is not very clear, but still can be judged that this is a A new machine to be released soon.

In the picture, the phone should be camouflaged, a complete full screen, and a pill-shaped double shot in the upper right corner of the screen, which is basically consistent with the previously exposed rendering information. In addition, the picture can be used to determine that the bottom of the machine is using three virtual buttons.

Galaxy’s new product launch conference will be held on February 20th. Beijing time will be at 3am on February 21st. According to previous reports, Samsung S10 series includes 3-4 mobile phones, Samsung S10 E, Samsung S10, Samsung S10 +, Samsung S10 5G version.


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