OPPO officially announced 10x hybrid optical zoom technology

Oppo 10x hybrid optical Zoom Now Official

This afternoon, OPPO held a future technology communication meeting in Beijing, officially announced 10 times hybrid optical zoom technology. At the scene, OPPO officially announced that the technology has reached commercial level and mass production.

“This time, our 10x hybrid optical zoom technology has reached commercial level and also has mass production capability. During the upcoming MWC, we will also bring a live show of 10x hybrid optical zoom technology, so stay tuned!” Said Official

OPPO 10x Hybrid Zoom

The 10x hybrid optical zoom technology features a super wide-angle, ultra-clear master and telephoto three-shot structure that covers the “full viewing angle” from super wide to long. OPPO also introduces dual OIS optical image stabilization on the ultra-clear main camera and telephoto camera, covering the entire scene from super wide angle to telephoto.

OPPO 10x Hybrid Zoom

It is reported that this technology covers 100+ R&D patents, including 200+ R&D personnel. Through a large number of R&D investment in motors, prisms, modules, algorithms, etc., 100% customize this module. At the communication meeting, OPPO announced that it defined what the 10-fold hybrid optical zoom technology should look like.

OPPO 10x Hybrid Zoom

This technology will be officially unveiled at MWC19.

It is worth mentioning that in the communication meeting, OPPO also announced the launch of the optical domain screen fingerprint technology, the current communication will be underway, 

We have Video of demonstration of R17 Pro modified version Using optical domain screen fingerprint technology,

You Can Also add 2 Fingerprint Requirement for Unlock


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