OPPO Future Technology Communication Invitation: 10X Lossless Zoom is coming

OPPO Future Technology Communication Invitation: 10X Lossless Zoom is coming 2

Oppo Future Technology Communication Conference Prediction

​Today, a number of technology media exposed OPPO’s “Ten for OPPO 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference” invitation. This black and white tones seems to have a door that is about to open. The light in the doorway constitutes the image of the number 10. This makes us wonder, is OPPO’s 10X lossless zoom technology really coming?

OPPO’s propaganda map has always been full of futuristic, this invitation to the exposure uses a deep black and white color scheme, the main picture is the two doors slowly open, the light outside the door gathered into a suggestive “10”. At the bottom of the main picture, “Ten is for seeing” slogan is also full of charm. “Ten” implies the 10X hybrid optical zoom technology exposed by the media. “Seeing” refers to the functionality of the camera, and the voice pun is “unseen”. (now) shows that this is the industry’s first 10X lossless zoom technology. It seems that the copy of the OPPO propaganda map and the design of the main map have made a lot of effort.

OPPO lossless zoom technology evolution: 5X to 10X

It is reported that at the MWC 2017 conference, OPPO has introduced a patented technology with 5 times lossless zoom, which is the predecessor and foundation of the patented technology of OPPO 10 times lossless zoom. It is understood that the 5x lossless zoom uses a periscope dual camera structure and optical image stabilization is applied to the telephoto lens.

This technology is different from the traditional double-lens lens. It arranges the telephoto lens horizontally, forms a vertical layout with the wide-angle lens, and uses a special optical prism to refract the light image into the lens group for imaging, and then through the OPPO high. Accurate image fusion technology to achieve 5x lossless zoom quality.

Obviously, after 5X, OPPO has set its sights on 10X. We suspect that the new technology will continue the subtle structure of 5x lossless zoom, but there should be better drive mechanism optimization.

OPPO held “Future Technology Communication Conference” on the 16th of this month. The 10X lossless zoom technology to be released will give a good start to this year’s new technology.


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