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Oppo 10 Year’s Of Evolution – 2008 to 2018

OPPO has confirmed that it will hold the 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference on January 16th. The theme of the preheating poster is “Ten for the See”. Combined with the previously exposed zoom patent map, it is not difficult to guess that OPPO will launch a 10x optical zoom technology . From the previous OPPO’s overall technology roadmap and product rhythm, OPPO’s ten-fold hybrid optical zoom technology may be put into commercial use in the next generation of products.

At the same time, from the advent of the first mobile phone in 2008 to now, OPPO mobile phone has also passed its 10th anniversary. Today, OPPO official micro-release microblogging long map, take you a picture to understand the development of OPPO mobile phone. After ten years of development, OPPO has grown into the second largest mobile phone brand in China, second only to Huawei.

Oppo 10th Anniversary

In 2008, OPPO’s first mobile phone A103 was released, and the smiley design was fresh in memory. In 2009, OPPO released the first P51 that supports LOMO special effects. The mobile phone camera can also be so interesting. In the same year, the dual-loss dual-system mobile phone T9 was released. Support for lossless music playback. In 2010, OPPO launched the classic flip phone U529, which is more personalized.In 2011, OPPO’s first smartphone X903 came out, adopting the sliding full keyboard design that is rare in domestic mobile phones.

In 2012, OPPO Finder released, 6.65mm fuselage became the world’s thinnest mobile phone. In the same year, Ulike 2 was released, which raised the front-end camera of the mobile phone to 5 million pixels for the first time, and equipped with front-facing beauty technology. This year, OPPo also released Find 5, the first to adopt 1080p HD screen, the first “design of interest screen aesthetics”.

In 2013, OPPO pioneered the smartphone N1 with a rotating camera of 206 degrees, and opened a new gesture for taking pictures of mobile phones. In 2014, OPPO’s new flagship Find 7 was launched, and for the first time, it was equipped with a self-developed VOOC flash charger. In the same year, OPPO N3 was released, and for the first time, it was equipped with Schneider-certified 16-megapixel electric rotating camera.

In 2015, OPPo all-metal flashing weapon R7 was released, “Charging for 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours”, VOOC flash charging led the mobile phone fast charging trend; the same year, long battery flashing device R7s released, 3070mAh large battery with flash charging.

In 2016, OPPO R9 pioneered the beauty camera, the self-timer is more beautiful and more natural; R9s micro-slit antenna technology and beauty as one, equipped with the IMX398 sensor jointly developed with Sony, support dual-core focus.

In 2017, R11 first customized and optimized the flagship image processor in Qualcomm, 20 million before and after; in the same year, the first full-screen mobile phone R11s was released.

In 2018, the R15 series achieved a gradual color design on mobile phones; after four years, Find X innovatively developed a dual-prevention structure that would make the full screen closer to the extreme.

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