Microsoft Andromeda concept video: foldable large screen + secondary screen

Microsoft Surface Andromeda device concept video: foldable large screen + secondary screen

There may be a number of foldable screen phones available in 2019, but there are some concerns about the practicality of foldable screen phones. According to rumors, Microsoft is also building a folding dual-screen device for Surface Andromeda. At present, we don’t know the details of the device, but we have a general understanding of the Microsoft Surface dual-screen device patent.

Concept designers are more radical than patents, and they always present a new form of equipment in a more ideal way, which is very advanced in terms of creativity. Recently, designer Concept Creator released a Microsoft Surface andromeda device concept video work. This device not only has a large foldable screen, but also has a sub-screen display device content on the outer layer of the device.

Microsoft Andromeda by Concept Creator

While the device looks strange, it is interesting to note that elements such as edge-to-edge screens with curved corners are now becoming more common. However, for flexible screen folding phones, how to minimize the folding radius of the screen is the most critical, which requires top screen manufacturers to achieve technological breakthroughs.

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Microsoft Andromeda by Concept Creator
Microsoft Andromeda by Concept Creator

According to news, Microsoft has shelved or severely delayed their Surface Phone project, but may be developing larger devices with similar form factors, such as Surface Centaurus or Surface Januss devices.


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