OnePlus 7 First Appearance out of the box and High quality Concept

OnePlus 7 First Appearance out of the box and High quality Concept

Only two flagships are produced in one year, and all must be successful. This requires accurate grasp of the market and master the needs of users. For this year’s one plus 7 and 5G, one plus has a layout, Liu Zuohu said that it will launch the first 5G mobile phone in the European market, domestic 5G will be commercialized in the second half of the year, it is still too early. However, one plus seven has been on the line and will be released soon.

Some time ago, a photo of the one-on-one internal meeting was exposed. On the photo, Liu Zuohu and the designer are discussing the design of one plus seven. Liu Zuohu’s hand is a white version of one plus seven, and the camera adopts a circular layout. Unfortunately, I did not see the front side of one plus seven, no accident, should use a full screen of holes.

Oneplus 7 earlier leak

From the appearance of the full screen, Liu Haiping, the water drop screen, and the digging screen will be the next mainstream? From the Samsung S10 and Huawei Nova 4, it can be seen that there will be a large number of mobile phones using digging screens in the first half of the year.

Today, there are different voices on the Internet. Digital chat station broke the news, one plus 7 uses the hyperbolic screen + lifting camera, as for NFC, one plus mobile phone has always had this function, but the infrared has not.

Oneplus 7

One plus 7 does not need to dig the screen to use a double-sided screen, the front is a real full screen, or the best panoramic curved screen, how do you feel that it is not a plus 7 but OPPO Find X2? The cost of a double-sided screen is especially a panoramic curved screen like a photo, which can be found in a mobile phone of 3,000 yuan. If you add a screen on the back and a double shot (3 shots?), then add 7 The price starts at least 4999 yuan.

Oneplus 7 Concept Based on leak by BenGeskin

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