Apple AirPower wireless charging pad production started

Apple AirPower wireless charging pad 

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging board officially announced At the September 2017 launch, Apple introduced the accessory for the first time and said it would be introduced to the market sometime in 2018, but it turned out that Apple did not.

AirPower can simultaneously charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods wireless charging boxes, and it can be flexibly placed. However, there are rumors that this product still faces many technical problems until last summer, which caused Apple to fail to bring it to market.

Apple AirPower
Apple AirPower

According to ChargerLAB Twitter news, Apple AirPower is finally coming,  said to receive reliable information on the supply chain, Lixun Precision has begun to produce Apple AirPower wireless charging board.

The following is the news of the reliable news source that ChargerLAB said. The source pointed out that “I heard that Apple’s AirPower will be released soon, and Lixun is already in production.” Lixun Precision is also a manufacturer of Apple AirPods and USB-C lines.


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