Was questioned Fake, Redmi mobile released  Note 7 high-heeled shoes test video full version without any edit

According to the current situation of the redmi mobile phone and the publicity of Lei Jun, in addition to the 48 megapixel ultra-clear cameras, quality will become a major attraction of this mobile phone.

Redmi Note 7

In order to test the quality of the redmi “Little King Kong”, the redmi mobile phone launched “Can Xiao King Kong live this episode? 》Test activities. In the test activity on January 8, the redmi phone directly tested the quality of “Little King Kong” with the trample of high heels.

However, when the beautiful high-heeled shoes trampled on “Little King Kong”, some netizens pointed out the suspicious points in the video. For example, the icons of the mobile phones under high heels were inconsistent, and it was suspected that the mobile phone was trampled and replaced with a good mobile phone display.

For the question of netizens, this morning, the redmi mobile phone official released the “Little King Kong” high-heeled shoes to test the full version of the video. According to the news released by Red Rice, the video shown before was edited after shooting 85 shots.

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