Xiaomi vibrato released the Redmi new Phone video: no fear of foot, known as Xiao Jingang

Redmi note 7 durability test

Xiaomi Test Upcoming Redmi Model by stepping on it,  calling it too sturdy. 

Xiaomi has been a bit busy since 2019, on January 3, Xiaomi announced that it will hold a new independent brand Redmi, Redmi conference on January 10, and the redmi brand will go out independently from Xiaomi. Independent brand operations.

After Redmi announced its “independence”, Xiaomi announced that it would join the TCL Group and reach strategic cooperation in joint research and development and supply chain.

This morning, Xiaomi officially announced that it will jointly release strategic new products with Weiyin. The two sides will simultaneously release the new independent brand Redmi and the world’s first vibrating flash shop on January 10.

In Xiaomi’s official name, Xiaomi took the lead in releasing the video of the new redmi phone. The staff of Xiaomi called this mobile phone “Xiaojingang”. The implication is that it is exceptionally “sturdy”. In the video, several millet jobs The staff “madly stepped on” the Redmi machine placed on the ground. After some smashing, the phone was unscathed.

(Of course, if there is a damaged video, it will not be released….)

Redmi note 7 durability test

Video Re-uploaded on YouTube Because Weibo Player not supported

This redmi phone uses a 6.3-inch screen and the battery capacity is 3900mAh. Other key configurations are still unclear, but various indications are that this is the new 48 mega-pixel camera millet announced by Lin Bin.

After Redmi’s “independence”, this means that the red rice mobile phone is not restricted by Xiaomi in terms of configuration. In the future, the 1999 yuan redmi sd845 mobile phone is also possible.


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