Full Screen Sliding Keyboard Phone

Livermorium will launch “FX” mysterious sliding full keyboard mobile phone

Livermorium will launch “FX” mysterious sliding full keyboard mobile phone

With the rapid development of this year’s comprehensive screen, the mechanical structure of mobile phones has also come back to the rivers and lakes, many domestic manufacturers have launched slider screen mobile phones, but a foreign company named LIVERMORIUM launched a name For the “FX” slide full keyboard mobile phone official website, the official website domain name is readyfx.com, the home page is written in 2019 Q1.

There is no other information on the official website of FX except that you can see Q1 in 2019. However, from the sketches published on the homepage, this is a full-screen mobile phone equipped with a sliding full keyboard. The slogan “Function is key” also indicates that this phone will be the main function of the keyboard.

In addition, the Internet also exposed the spy photos of this phone, and compared with two Nokia phones, from the spy photos can be seen that this phone is equipped with a curved screen and a QWERTY keyboard.

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The company’s latest tweet was released last Christmas, and in Twitter they mentioned that 2019 will witness the return of a full-keyboard slider phone.



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