BOE Demonstrate Own flexible Display

BOE Foldable Display

According to China Unicom’s second-shot video, at the Xinhua News Agency Chengdu New Media Conference, BOE showed its own flexible screen products, let’s take a look.

Video is Reuploaded on YouTube due to Weibo Player not Supported

According to reports, this flexible screen can be folded and used as a mobile phone, and it can be turned into a flat panel, and the display is not affected. The official said that the future application of this flexible screen is mobile phones and tablet devices.

Figure from the official website of Beijing Oriental

It is reported that in May of this year, BOE also displayed a 5.99-inch and 7.56-inch flexible screen similar to the video on the International Display Week. It is said that BOE (BOE)’s foldable WQHD AMOLED full screen can achieve the world’s smallest dynamic bending, the radius is only 1mm, the bending times are more than 100,000 times, and the color gamut NTSC is as high as 118%.


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