Xiaomi Folding Phone

Xiaomi Folding Screen exposure: three-fold structure, equipped with MIUI 10 system

Xiaomi Folding Phone Exposure : Running on MIUI 10 

Evan Blass exposed a new folding screen on Twitter, in his exposure video can be seen this phone is equipped with MIUI 10 system, and adopted A three-fold structure.

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MIUI’s full-screen gesture operation was used in the video. After sliding the desktop and opening the navigation, the left and right sides of the mobile phone were folded, and a screen of about 4:3 was changed back to the conventional 16:9 screen. It is worth noting that the system in the video was December 3, 2018, which means that the phone was built at least around this date.

Below is the video. (Someone also Uploaded on YouTube)

Up to now, there are a total of soft-skinned and Samsung exhibiting their folding screen mobile phone. If the new machine equipped with MIUI system belongs to Xiaomi, then there are three mobile phone manufacturers to launch folding screen mobile phones. In this way, it may become a blowout year for folding screen mobile phones in the upcoming months.

Source – Evan Blass 


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