Redmi will be separated form Xiaomi and focus on Mid-range

Redmi will be separat brand form Xiaomi and will focus on Mid-range phone and xiaomi focus on High-end phone. Redmi Scheduled Product Launch Event on January 10th.

Xiaomi’s official Weibo has previously stated that “Tomorrow’s 10:00, the first major event in the year!”, the picture is “Always believe that good things are about to happen”, and this sentence is the slogan of the Redmi mobile phone.

Xiaomi company official microblogging news updated that will be held on January 10th will be held a new independent brand Redmi conference. At that time, it is not excluded to introduce new products of the new Redmi series.

Redmi 48 megapixel camera new poster

According to the poster released by Xiaomi Company today, the reflection of Redmi Redmi logo is 4800, which is likely to be related to the 48 megapixel camera of the redmi mobile phone that Xiaomi President Lin Bin passed. Perhaps on January 10th, Redmi will also launch a brand new product.

Previously, the main competitive market for Xiaomi’s mobile phones was concentrated in the market of 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, while the redmi was dominated by the thousand yuan machine market. After the independent operation of the redmi, the two brands may follow an internal competition route similar to Huawei and honor. It is not ruled out that red Redmi will introduce medium and high-end products.

Xiaomi Leijun said on Weibo: “The international model Redmi officially debut, will give everyone a completely different feeling.” Lei Jun said: “separate the Xiaomi and redmi Each of them develops in different directions and can make the Xiaomi brand better. Redmi focuses on the most cost-effective and focuses on the e-commerce market. Xiaomi focuses on high-end and new retail.”


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