Sony ToF 3D sensing technology to enhance image recognition is in mass production

Sony will add ToF 3D sensing technology to enhance image recognition in mass-produced components in 2019

The head of Sony’s photosensitive components department, it is expected that mass-sensing components supporting ToF 3D technology will be mass-produced in the late summer of 2019, which is expected to be applied to partners’ products. At the same time, it has already begun to provide external testing projects, so that the early partners can conduct software compatibility testing.

Last year, Sony also provide various types of mobile phone products to manufacturers, including photosensitive components. Even after providing structured light technology applications for specific needs, Sony said that it will also apply ToF (Time of Flight) 3D sensing technology to photosensitivity. In the component, more mobile phone products can realize depth of field calculation directly through a single lens, or quickly establish a 3D recognition model of the object, and can even be widely used in augmented reality.

Sony 3d modelling Experience

The principle of TOF technology is to describe the depth and distance between the sensor and the physics, and to describe the 3D technology through the mobile phone processor. It has been applied to face unlocking, modeling and the like on mobile phones.

ToF – time of flight

At present, there are not many mobile phones using this technology. Both OPPO R17 Pro and vivo NEX dual-screen versions have adopted ToF technology, and have also achieved good market feedback. Another news is that Huawei P30 Pro will also adopt this technology.It is understood that TOF can read and depict objects with more than 300,000 information points, which is 10 times that of 3D structured light. At the same time, TOF 3D super-induction technology has a maximum drawing distance of 3 meters, which is 3 times that of 3D structured light technology.

With the massive mass production of Sony, more mobile phones will join this feature this year.


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