Sony IMX 510 Specifications Leaks

IMX510 specifications:

​Earlier foreign anonymous people leaked the specific specifications of the A6700 . Almost the actual hammer A6500 follow-up product is the A6700. However, Sony’s new APS-C sensor IMX510 specification has leaked. It seems that Sony may release two APS-C frames of A6700 and A7000.

Sony IMX 510 Specifications

Compared with the IMX571 already used on the X-T3, the biggest improvement of the IMX510 is that it can stack DRAM through TSV, which can realize the electronic shutter without jelly effect. It is beneficial to sports photography, bird photography and street shooting, and then the pixel is improved to 32MP, the distance from the previous generation 24MP sensor, but the strange thing is that its total pixel reached 40MP, in other words, the actual frame is about 1/4 larger than APS-C. According to the current news, the IMX510 is likely to be used on the A7000, making it a truly qualified APS-C flagship. Just why Sony has to make the sensor so big, imitating ARRI Alexa’s full-open mode, to squeeze out the potential of the lens imaging circle such as ART 18-35 1.8, ART 56 1.4? It is rumored that a new camera conference will be held at the end of January, and it will take at least one month to solve the puzzle.


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