Samsung patents Rollable TV exposure: can be rolled up like a cloth

Samsung patents Rollable TV exposure: can be rolled up like a cloth 1

Samsung can roll up flexible screen TV patent exposure: can be rolled up like a cloth

At present, smart phones and smart TVs have come to the crossroads that need to “evolve”. Coincidentally, both sides have chosen to develop into the screen folding field.

Following the exposure of Samsung Galaxy F, the voice of Samsung’s foldable flexible screen smart TV has also become higher. According to a patent called “Curlable Display Device” applied by Samsung Electronics to USPTO, Samsung’s OLED flexible screen can be used. Roll up like paper or curtain.

Samsung Rollable TV

Samsung’s rollable TV has a more convenient design that can be easily placed anywhere, or rolled up for easy transport. To ensure that the screen stays flat on a level surface, Samsung places a stand in the middle of the screen to keep the screen flat and avoid image distortion.

In order to allow the screen to be deployed left and right, Samsung designed a housing with a roller on both sides of the screen. The whole system is a bit like a reel – the reel provides mechanical support. When it is necessary to close up after use, the outer casing with the rollers on both sides will be concentrated together with the rolled up screen to the middle bracket to form a state similar to the scrolling, as shown in the following figure.

Samsung Rollable TV

However, such a design has higher technical requirements for manufacturers. Apart from the corresponding patents, Samsung official did not disclose any relevant information, so when the related products using the design are not available, it is not known.

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