Xiaomi 9 and MIX 4 exposure: Snapdragon 855 + three-shot MIX 4 with periscope lens

Recently, GF Securities (Hong Kong) released the Xiaomi market performance report, and in the report, made predictions and broke the news for Xiaomi’s 2019 new machines, namely Xiaomi 9 and MIX 4. Since securities analysts usually have a variety of information channels, such as industry chain people, they tend to have more reliable information, and the credibility is still very high. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

Xiaomi 9 and MIX 4 are equipped with Snapdragon 855 or 5G version

First, analysts said that both Xiaomi 9 and MIX 4 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor. This part is actually well known. After all, Xiaomi is the closest partner of Qualcomm. Recently, Xiaomi also interacted with Qualcomm China official micro. It is suggested that Xiaomi will start the Snapdragon 855 processor. From the point of view, it may be the 5G version of the Xiaomi MIX 3, followed by the Xiaomi 9.

Regarding the design of Xiaomi 9, the previous exposure said that it will be equipped with OLED water drop screen, which is still relatively reliable, because the LCD aperture screen will only be applied to the second flagship mobile phone in 2019. The OLED opening is only mastered by Samsung and will not be Third-party mobile phone manufacturers are open. In addition, the screen fingerprint will become the standard for Xiaomi 9. Secondly, analysts said that both Xiaomi 9 and MIX 4 will be equipped with AI three-shot, the specific sensor model is unknown, but the shooting quality will be significantly improved.

Xiaomi MIX3 will have 5G version

In addition, Xiaomi 9 is expected to launch a 5G version, but the time to market will be after the MIX 3 5G version. In fact, the 5G version of MIX 3 is actually just grabbing a starting Snapdragon 855+X50 baseband. For those high-end users who want to experience 5G first, the actual stocking volume will not be very high.

Xiaomi MIX 4 with periscope lens

Another of the two new machines is the MIX 4 or with a periscope lens for an ultra-high optical zoom experience. In fact, manufacturers including OPPO are developing the periscope design optical zoom lens technology, which can achieve 10X optical zoom, and Xiaomi is obviously not willing to be human, and is expected to launch this technology on the higher-end MIX 4.

Concept Picture of Mix 4

However, it is still unclear whether the MIX 4’s full-screen design is a continuation of the MIX 3’s slide design, or a pop-up camera or even a dual-screen design (which is unlikely from a cost perspective). But obviously, every solution has drawbacks, such as the slider gap of MIX 3, the durability of pop-up camera and so on. All in all, Xiaomi MIX 4 needs to use “Full Screen 4.0” to surprise users and have better sales results.

Overall, Xiaomi 9 will still maintain a high cost performance, performance is king style, in some parts will shrink, will not reach the full flagship level of Huawei P30, Samsung S10; and MIX 4 positioning is slightly higher, some will Taking on the responsibility of Xiaomi’s 2019 true flagship, if you can make a breakthrough in taking pictures, you may be able to further increase your profit margin. Even if Lei Jun has been emphasizing that “the hardware comprehensive profit does not exceed 5%”, Xiaomi needs a better flagship mobile phone to contain competitors.


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