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Smartphone Trends In 2019 – which Technology will lead 2019 – Poll

What You think Which Technology will lead in 2019 Smartphone Market

Just as in the past few years, the closer to the new year, the more likely the next year’s popular mobile phone development trend will be known, and this year is the same. Of course, there is one vendor, the exception is Apple. Apples are often less affected by industry trends and will always follow their own planned roadmaps, and it is difficult to predict what changes will be made before the iPhone is released. So, today we are mainly talking about the Android camp, to see what trends this camp will be popular in 2019, by the way, discuss whether Apple iPhone will follow up.

Multi-camera configuration: three, four, five

Since the launch of the three-camera Huawei P20 Pro, the three-camera configuration phone is not so new, and many subsequent phones can also provide three cameras, including OPPO R17 Pro and Huawei Mate 20. Not only that, but we also saw the world’s first four-camera phone this year: the Samsung Galaxy A9s. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the mobile phone with multiple camera configurations in 2019 will be one of the trends, and the three-shot may become the mainstream configuration like the previous dual-camera.

Samsung Galaxy A9s
Samsung Galaxy A9s

So what is the use of so many cameras? Three shots come and come? In fact, it is not difficult for a manufacturer to configure a three-camera for a mobile phone. First, a standard high-pixel main camera is equipped, the second is equipped with a telephoto optical zoom lens, and the third is equipped with a super wide-angle lens to form a three-photo configuration. This year’s three-shot has another configuration, that is, the main camera is equipped with a TOF 3D depth sensing lens. Some manufacturers will additionally have a low-pixel depth of field lens, or a super macro lens, to further form a four-shot.

The multi-camera configuration is also not a gimmick. With different lenses, the user representative can use the most suitable shooting function in different situations. Therefore, if every camera can do its job, it can provide users with the most flexible direct hardware-based camera experience ever.

Nokia 9 PureView by Evan Blass
Nokia 9 PureView by Evan Blass

There are rumors that the four-shot is not the end, because a 5-camera phone that Nokia is developing has been leaking for a long time, only when it is unknown. So, will Apple’s iPhone follow up with multiple camera configurations? In this regard, there have been rumors in the past that the 2019 iPhone will provide a three-camera configuration, but it is still too early to say how Apple will configure multiple cameras.

Large memory: 10GB or higher

In 2018, there are already many flagship mobile phones offering 8GB memory models, and this trend will inevitably continue in 2019. Although the 8GB memory phone has not yet fully functioned, mobile phone manufacturers have the right to show off and absorb gold. For this reason, we have also seen some manufacturers offer 10GB of memory, such as the Red Devils Mars esports phone, Black Shark game phone Helo, Xiaomi MIX3, one plus 6T McLaren version. Lenovo leading market by announcing Z5 PRO GT855 with massive 12GB RAM.


Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have never been modest in the implementation of mobile phones with large memory. Therefore, when Lenovo released the world’s first Snapdragon 855 flagship mobile phone Z5 Pro GT, it also provided the first 12GB LPDDR4x memory for its top-of-the-line version. Interestingly, Lenovo laughed that if you buy a 6GB memory phone to ensure that you don’t get a card after one year, then 12GB of memory will be guaranteed to be smooth after two years. Lenovo’s machine will be officially launched on January 24, 2019, so this may be the first mobile phone to achieve 12GB of memory.

What is Apple’s memory choice for the iPhone in 2019? Before answering this question, we must first make it clear that the 8GB or even 10GB memory phone is really unrealistic now, because neither iOS nor the Android platform can use such running memory temporarily, and it is not suitable for such a large Memory application.

So, we don’t expect Apple to launch an iPhone with 10GB of memory in 2019. Conversely, if the changes in iOS 13 are significant enough, then Apple may offer up to 6GB of memory for iOS devices. For now, Apple’s large-capacity iOS device has only the 2018 iPad Pro, and it still has 6GB of memory for the 1TB storage model. In addition, Apple never uses memory as a promotional point, but instead pushes the processor, so the big memory iPhone is not expected.

Hole-In-Display : screen camera technology

After Notch Display was controversial, a new full-screen solution was born, and manufacturers no longer have to struggle with Notch Display, no need to be smaller than the bangs who designed it. This new solution is the “open-hole screen front camera” technology. Currently, three mobile phones in the mobile phone industry have officially adopted the”Hole-In-Display” design, namely Samsung Galaxy S8s, Huawei Nova 4 and Honor V20.

The so-called open-screen front-facing camera technology is to open a very small hole in the upper left or upper right of the front screen of the mobile phone, and then place the front camera under the glass cover of the display screen, the LCD panel and the backlight layer to ensure the front. Set the camera to work properly. In addition to this opening a small hole for the camera, the front of the phone will almost always be the screen, because the manufacturer will also make a hidden design for the earpiece.



Will Apple follow up? There is currently no iPhone that adopts or plans to use the “digging screen”. Apple is currently limited to patents that apply for glass opening technology. If Apple wants to retain the original deep-sensing camera components needed for the Face ID, a small hole in the space required will certainly not be satisfied unless Apple has other biometrics. For now, Apple may focus on the iPhone with a full-screen design, rather than choosing another compromise for the iPhone.

Foldable mobile phone

Samsung, which has long claimed to develop its own foldable display panel for many years, has been unveiled and boasted for many years. This year, a foldable mobile phone finally appeared. Samsung also confirmed that it will officially ship the Infinity Flex screen to the market in 2019. With the announcement of the Samsung foldable phone, one thing that is almost certain is that although the rectangular rounded corner is still the mainstream design of the current smart phone, the appearance of the mobile phone is still changing.

This means that, no accident, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers will follow up to launch their own brand of foldable mobile phones. Among them, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Huawei and OPPO have basically confirmed that they will participate in it, and LG may display the finished product as soon as CES 2019 in January next year. I believe that by MWC 2019, we can see more manufacturers showcase the so-called folding device prototype.

However, one thing that can be made clear is that in the next few years, whether it is Samsung, LG or Huawei, the folding mobile phone will not be sold as the mainstream flagship, but as an experimental niche product. The new product line is being piloted. Because the problem of the foldable device is still unknown, such as how long life? How portable is it? Whether the price can be more expensive than ordinary mobile phones. The practical application of a new technology will inevitably be determined by the continuous evolution of several generations of models, because it takes time to find new application solutions and solve the problems encountered by new technologies.

So, will Apple follow up with the foldable iPhone? As mainstream mobile phone manufacturers are also involved in foldable mobile phone technology, and as a selling point, Apple will enter the field in the future, because Apple has already paid attention to this technology internally, and applied for many related patents. With Apple’s strong strength, no one would doubt that Apple can’t make a foldable phone. Of course, Apple is not eager to seek success, but chooses to release when its own products are ready and perfect. There have been many rumors in the past that Apple may launch a foldable smartphone around 2020.


The word 5G has become popular since 4G has not fully debuted. However, it was not until 2018 that we heard that mobile phone manufacturers began to talk about 5G technology and promised to launch 5G flagship smartphones in 2019, in order to attract more users to update.

In fact, the deployment of 5G networks does not match the enthusiasm of smartphone manufacturers. No matter in that country or region, 5G network technology is far from mature, and at best it is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go. Take China for example, the operator China Mobile is only pre-commercialized in 2019, and will be a commercial target by 2020. China Mobile also said that by 2025, the 5G network will reach 40% of the population.

5G - Snapdragon 855

5G – Snapdragon 855

In other words, although we will be able to see the 5G mobile phone debut in 2019, such mobile phones will also face the situation where no 5G network is available, or even more. For example, 5G mobile phones do not have any solution for integrating the modem into the chip. Will it be thicker, heavier, or consume more power than the 4G mobile phone? After all, these problems did occur when the first batch of 4G mobile phones went on the market. In the end, mobile phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers worked together and it took nearly a year or two to solve these problems, so we do not rule out the possibility that 5G will stage the same scene.

What You think Which Technology will lead in 2019 Smartphone Market

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