9 Product That Apple Not released in 2018 expected In 2019

The following are 9 products that Apple has not released this year and are expected to be launched in 2019.

2018 is a busy year for Apple. Apple introduced three new iPhones, the new iPad Pro, the new MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Some new products that users expect are not released this year. The following are 9 products that Apple has not released this year and are expected to be launched in 2019.

iMac update

Although the iMac Pro launched in December 2017 is still a super-performance machine, the standard version of the 5K iMac was last updated in mid-2017. The 5K version of the iMac is a bit old when other Mac models are being updated. Some people originally expected Apple to update the iMac at the October conference. Well-known analyst Guo Mingxi also said that the display performance of the iMac will be “significantly upgraded” this fall. However, everything did not happen in the end.

When will Apple upgrade the 5K iMac? The first half of next year is very promising, either in March or at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

At the beginning of 2018, many people expect Apple to refocus Mac Pro sometime this year. However, Apple quickly dispelled speculation in April, announcing that the modular version of the Mac Pro will be launched in 2019, not this year.

Apple first announced the modular version of the Mac Pro in April 2017. This trash-like device has been available for more than five years. At present, there are few details about this equipment, and I will wait patiently for the release in 2019.

External display

Apple wants to relaunch its own display

In the absence of Mac Pro updates, Apple has not returned to the external display market. Apple discontinued the Thunderbolt display in 2016, allowing users to use third-party displays. However, in April 2017, Apple said it was developing a new standalone display for use with the modular Mac Pro. This product was developed by Apple’s new “Professional Workflow Team” to further understand the needs of professionals.

So, when will this new external display be released? If the Mac Pro was launched in 2019, it will definitely be released next year. Apple is expected to release it at WWDC and then bring it to market later in the year.

12-inch MacBook update

MacBook appearance color

Although Apple updated the MacBook Air this year, the 12-inch MacBook did not receive the same treatment. This model is now in an awkward position: it is slimmer than the new MacBook Air, but it is more expensive. Compared with the MacBook Air, the 12-inch MacBook is more difficult to sell, because the former also added two Thunder 3 interfaces, the latter has only one USB-C interface.

The fate of the 12-inch MacBook is still unclear, but Apple may further clean up the notebook line next year.

iPad mini 5

iPad mini 4

For many people, the iPad mini 5 seems to be out of reach at the beginning of 2018. However, Guo Minghao said in October that Apple is developing the iPad mini 5, upgrading its processor and adopting a lower-cost screen panel. Although some people expect it to be launched at the October conference, it has not yet appeared.

The iPad mini 5 still has a lot of uncertainty in integrating with the existing Apple iPad product line, but the device will almost certainly be released in the first half of 2019.


Time will return to February this year. Guo Mingxi predicted at the time that Apple will release a new “high-end version of headphones” in the autumn of this year. However, Apple did not release it. It is reported in June that Apple will not release headphones until 2019.

Although technically Apple has sold headphones through the Beats brand, the headset that will be released in 2019 seems to use the Apple brand, using the company’s W2 chip. It’s not clear how long Apple will release it next year, but it can be said that it has been nailed.

AirPods 2

Apple Airpods

The wireless headset AirPods was first released in December 2016 and is well received by the market, especially during the Christmas season. While some expect to see AirPods 2 this year, Apple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

As for its release time, there are currently two conflicting reports. There were reports in June that the new AirPods will be launched in 2019. But Guo Minghao said that the next major update of AirPods will be in 2020, when the “new design” will be adopted.

AirPower wireless charging board

AirPower wireless charging board

It will end in 2018, and the wireless charging board AirPower is still not on the market. Apple announced the wireless charging board at the 2017 iPhone X conference, saying it will be available this year. Since then, Apple has never mentioned AirPower. It did appear in the user manual in the iPhone XS box, but this is essentially the only evidence that Apple has hinted that they have not completely abandoned AirPower.

AirPower is still expected to be launched next spring. However, Apple may also announce its end at the end of the year.

AirPods wireless charging box

As with AirPower, there is an uncertain future with the AirPods wireless charging box. Apple once announced the AirPower and AirPods wireless charging boxes together, but did not release it. Apple said AirPods users will be able to purchase AirPower charging boxes that add wireless charging support. Although third-party accessory manufacturers have released similar devices, Apple’s autonomous solution has not yet been launched.

Even if AirPower is abandoned, the AirPods wireless charging box still has a market, but it depends on Apple’s plan.

to sum up

Although 2018 is an important year for Apple, it is clear that there are still many products to be launched in 2019. In addition to the annual iPhone update, fruit powder can also look forward to new professional hardware, iPad mini 5, headsets and other products.


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