Vivo NEX 5G prototype debut – Equipped with Snapdragon 855 and X50

Vivo NEX 5G prototype

The vivo NEX series is the representative of the innovative design of vivo mobile phone. The first generation of vivo NEX is equipped with the lifting camera design, which aims to increase the screen ratio. The newly released vivo NEX 2 is a bold front and rear dual-screen design. Today, the vivo NEX 5G version Also came, from the lift camera version to the front and rear dual-screen version, and then to the 5G version, vivo took less than half a year, today China Unicom official Weibo released the prototype of vivo NEX 5G version, the prototype is the Qualcomm booth at Chengdu Exhibition yesterday On display.

Vivo Nex 5G Prototype
Vivo Nex 5G Prototype

The Device is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and X50 5G modem. Currently, vivo has completed software and hardware development for commercial 5G smart phones, including architecture planning, motherboard stacking, RF and antenna design, and optimizing battery space. Work, and has reached a commercial level in size and appearance. And this year, it started the interoperability test with instruments and network equipment. It is expected to launch 5G pre-commercial terminals in 2019.

Vivo Nex 5G Prototype
Vivo Nex 5G Prototype

It is reported that vivo is one of the early mobile phone companies that research and develop 5G R&D in China. In 2016, vivo established a 5G R&D center in Beijing to participate in the research of 5G core technology standards. In 2017, vivo launched a pre-research on 5G antennas and RF key technologies.

Vivo Nex 5G Prototype
Vivo Nex 5G Prototype

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