Sony Xperia L3 is FCC certified: 5.7-inch screen


A number of Sony Xperia smartphones have been certified at ECC and are expected to be unveiled under the names Xperia XA3, XA3 Ultra and Xperia L3. Today, new news shows that one of the phones, Xperia L3, has been certified by the FCC in the US and is expected to be released soon.

The FCC certification document shows that the diagonal length of the phone is 165.6 mm, which means the screen should be 5.73 inches (145.6 mm), which is quite close to the number (5.7 inches) earlier exposed by OnLeaks.


A schematic diagram in the certification document depicts the outline of the phone. It can be said that this phone is still familiar with the Sony flavor: no bangs full screen, wide chin, and the “thickness” of the forehead is not small.

Sony Xperia L3 Images by Onleaks

In addition, the right side of the fuselage layout is more crowded, the power button, fingerprint scanner, volume button are located on this side; SIM card slot is set on the left side of the phone.

In October of this year, Twitter’s hitter, OnLeaks, showed off the rendering of the phone on Twitter, which showed that the phone will adopt a rear dual-camera design. Not surprisingly, we will soon be able to see Sony’s new phone.


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