Sony USB-PD CP-ADRM2 Fast Charger

Sony Introduced USB-PD Fast Charger CP-ADRM2 46.5W Output

Sony’s first USB-PD fast charger CP-ADRM2 released: the highest output 46.5W

After Sony XZ3, Google requires Android 9 Pie models can only be used with USB-PD fast charging technology, no longer corresponding to QC3.0 fast charging. Now Sony has introduced the first PD fast charge charger, the specific model is CP-ADRM2, the highest output is 46.5W, the charger has intelligent power control, and the performance is safe and reliable.

Sony USB-PD CP-ADRM2 Fast Charger
Sony USB-PD CP-ADRM2 Fast Charger

Sony USB-PD CP-ADRM2 Fast Charger

According to the introduction, the USB-C port voltage is supplied with a maximum of 39 W compatible devices, which is five times the power of the conventional USB charger.

The Specifications are as follows:

Input AC 100 to 240 V 34 W

Output USB-C Max 39 W 5 V/3.0 A, 9 V/3.0 A, 12 V/3.0 A, 15 V/2.6 A USB-A 7.5 W 5 V/1.5 A

8-shaped connector

The USB-C port is available up to 39W for compatible devices, and the USB-A port is available for 7.5W.

Dimensions (width X height X depth) are 65.0 x 78.0 x 31.0 mm and weigh 165 grams.

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