Honor V20 – Key Specifications that make it Special

Honor V20 - Key Specifications that make it Special 1

There is still a some days away from the release of the Honor V20. As more and more highlights are exposed, they have attracted the attention of consumers. While people are still feeling the Honor’s research and development team, will bring us more surprises.

Vice president of the Honor business department, published an article on his Weibo, saying that the Honor mobile phone will redefine the concept of standardization. He said that the “standard” refers not only to the hardware configuration of the mobile phone, but to the Honor in the market, the attitude towards the product, and the adherence to the self-standard.
What do the “standards” that refer to? Combining the previous series of posters on the Honor V20 issued by Honor, we made the following summary:
1. Honor V20 Support 960fps Super Slow Motion

The 960-frame super slow-motion video is actually displaying the video content in the regular 0.2 seconds to 8 seconds, which is 120fps per second. In order to achieve this function, more stringent requirements must be imposed on the hardware side, which means that a higher speed cache is needed to process the large amount of data recorded by the camera sensor (CMOS) in a short time. It is also because of the power of the Kirin 980 chip that the Honor V20 can achieve such a function, handling so much content in just 0.2 seconds.

Honor V20 960fps Promotional Material

2. AI dual-frequency GPS accurate positioning
The Honor V20 will support AI dual-frequency GPS for precise positioning. The so-called AI dual-frequency GPS is to use the GPS signals of the two frequency bands L1 and L5 for positioning, so that the positioning is more accurate and efficient.

Honor V20 AI dual-frequency GPS accurate positioning

3. 4000 mAh battery for longer uses

The top endurance has always been the selling point of the flagship of Honor, this time the Honor V20 is to increase the battery capacity to 4000 mAh. The standard of the Glory V20 is definitely in the industry.

Honor V20 Battery Capacity

4. Three self-developed black technology blessings stand in the leading position in the mobile phone industry
On December 10, Honor in Hong Kong released three technologies that can stand up to the mobile phone industry: low-latency and more stable Link Turbo network-wide aggregation technology, “enlarged and clear” 48 million AI ultra-clear camera technology, aesthetic and beauty The glamorous eye full screen. The Honor V series has always been the integrator of Honor leading technology. It is reported that Honor will not only take the lead in adopting three extreme technologies, but also will be equipped with the industry-leading Kirin 980 high-performance processor, which perfectly explains the leading address of the Honor V series technology. Define a standard for the industry.

Honor three Breakthrough technologies

5. Honor V20 Comes with THE NINE liquid Cooling

The NINE liquid Cooling technology is a PC level cooling system which make Honor V20 more reliable. 

6. Antutu Benchmark

We also saw Honor V20 running on Antutu Benchmark and scored desirable points 274343. Running Android Pie Out of the box, display resolution 2310*1080 pixel and Desired RAM 8GB and 256 internal storage.

Honor V20 Antutu Benchmark

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