Google Pixel 3 Scored 101 overall point on DxOMark

Google Pixel 3 DxOMark Rating

Google Pixel 3 DxOMark Rating

Google Pixel 3 DxOMark Rating

DxOMark today announced the Pixel 3 mobile phone photo rating. Google’s new flagship continues the previous generation of single-camera configuration, scored 101 points, flat iPhone XR, tied for the first single camera phone.

Pixel 3 rear 12.2 million pixel camera (1.4μm, f / 1.8 aperture), support optical image stabilization, front 8 million pixel dual camera. The phone scored 103 points on the camera and scored 98 points on the video recording. The overall score reached 101 points.

DxOMark believes that the Pixel 3 phone has the following advantages in taking pictures:

  1. Save details under most test conditions
  2. Fast auto focus
  3. Flash image can accurately expose the target
  4. Good control of light decrement and good detail preservation in the image under the flash with or without additional light source
  5. Overall good target exposure and dynamic range
  6. Save pretty good details in a zoomed image

Its shortcomings in taking pictures are as follows:

  1. Some brightness noise is still visible, especially in low light conditions
  2. Occasionally choose a slightly too low exposure
  3. In dim conditions, color shades are visible
  4. Sometimes there are some ghosts and colored fringes.

In terms of video recording, the advantages of this phone are:

  1. Good noise reduction even in low light conditions
  2. Good detail in all conditions
  3. Efficient motion stability
  4. Good dynamic range
  5. Fast, repeatable and accurate autofocus

The shortcomings of video recording are:

  1. There are obvious “jelly effects” and frame shifts in the walking scene
  2. The color is sometimes slightly dim
  3. Very slight jitter during autofocus convergence in low light conditions


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