MIUI 10 8.12.13 announcement and update change log for MI MIX 3

MIUI 10 8.12.13 development version update, in which Xiaomi MIX 3 added the slider sound effect “Jianghu” egg, swiftly slid to trigger the egg; repaired Xiaomi 8 / millet 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition / Xiaomi MIX 2S / Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version of small and medium love students wake up abnormal problems, Xiaomi wallet added Mi home smart door lock door card function; weather added cloudy and smog animation and so on.

MIUI 10 8.12.13 Beta

Upgrade Instructions

1. The model that has been added to the anti-return mechanism cannot be downgraded to brush back the old version of the development version or the stable version, otherwise it will cause the phone to become brick, including Xiaomi Max 3, Xiaomi 6X, Red Rice 6 Pro, Red Rice Note 5 need to pay attention to Anti-back brush instructions

2. MIUI 6/7/8/9 development version can be upgraded online by going to “Settings→My Device→MIUI Version”
3. MIUI 6/7/8/9 stable version users, it is recommended to upgrade to MIUI 10 development version by wire brush
4. English forum synchronization update English version of the upgrade log
5. Some models may have slightly different time due to function. For specific functions, please refer to the display on the mobile phone.

Here are the specific updates:


Add a slider sound effect to the “Jianghu” egg, try a quick slide to trigger the egg (Millet MIX 3)

Optimize settings page for system apps and more apps for copywriting and icons

Little love classmate

Fix the problem of small love classmates awakening abnormality (millet 8 / millet 8 screen fingerprint version / millet MIX 2S / millet 8 transparent exploration version)

Millet wallet

Added Mijia smart door lock door card function

the weather

Added cloudy and hazy animation

Optimize 15 day trend interface adaptation

Optimize large font and screen density related issues.

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