Lenovo Z5s 10GB RAM, New poster teased 8Gb is Not enough, Smart PA sound

Lenovo Z5s 10GB RAM, New poster teased 8Gb is Not enough, Smart PA sound 1


Getting closer and closer to the Lenovo Z5s conference, Lenovo officially can be described as a frequent action. Earlier in the day, Lenovo Changji revealed some information about the new Z5s on Weibo. According to its analysis of “8G is enough to explore”, it seems that Lenovo Z5s may be equipped with 10GB of running memory. Z5s also teased posters stating Dual PA Sound Technologies and new gaming experience.

Lenovo Z5s teasing 8gb Ram not enough

According to the official announcement of Lenovo’s official poster, a very interesting point is the 678 Turbo CPU. Lenovo mobile phone has confirmed that this phone will be equipped with Opteron processor, and Lenovo mobile phone said “Youth only with 6 series processor? So, Lenovo Z5s invincible is a bit lonely.” Combined with Lenovo promotional posters, perhaps Lenovo Z5s will Equipped with a Snapdragon 678 processor customized with Qualcomm.

Lenovo Z5s New Gaming Experience

If the situation of Lenovo Z5s starting Snapdragon 678 is true, then the Snapdragon 6150 that appeared on Geekbench is likely to be Snapdragon 678, and speculate that it will adopt 2×Kryo 365 Gold core +6× energy-saving core. Design, multi-core performance is close to the Snapdragon 710.

Lenovo Z5s Smart PA sound

Previously, the new model of the L78071 has been connected to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. If there is no accident, the machine is the Lenovo Z5s. The rear camera has three cameras and a 6.3-inch display. The front is suspected to be screen-opening design, which is consistent with the rumors.

Lenovo Z5s

In other respects, the Lenovo Z5s has a built-in 3210mAh battery, and the body measurements are 156.7×74.5×7.8mm. It supports back fingerprint recognition and runs the ZUI system based on Android deep customization.

It is reported that Lenovo Z5s adopts a comprehensive screen design, the borders are very narrow, the screen ratio is extremely high, and there is an opening at the top of the screen for placing the front camera.

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