Sony IMX607 Specifications and Huawei P30 Pro Exposure

Sony IMX607 Specifications and Huawei P30 Pro Exposure 10

Huawei P20 series first launched on March 27, 2018, according to the release time of Huawei P series, no surprise Huawei P30 series will be released in March to April next year. The existing news of some breaking news is slowly picking up the “mystery” of the P20 successor.
Huawei P30 Pro phone case camera area is significantly larger than the P20 Pro , which may use four-shot + dual flash design. 

According to weibo user news, Sony’s new IMX607 sensor, with 38 million pixels 1 / 1.8 inch outsole CMOS, using dual Bayer HDR encoding, HDR pixel array, not only enhanced HDR function, but also supports four Pixel DAF focus; has three native ISO (50/500/5000) specifications and is optimized for night scenes.



Huawei P20 series, Huawei has been in the leading position in night scene shooting, and the DXO rankings so far. Still P20 Pro.

At present, the IMX600 used by Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro series is a CMOS that Huawei has teamed up with Sony. Huawei will not give up easily on the P30 series. Therefore, Huawei is likely to use the IMX607 as a sub-photograph of the P30, so that the P series will continue to be photographed. The lead.

There is no official news about the above news, and it is impossible to judge whether it is true or not.

Suspected Huawei P30 Pro phone case exposure

Leaked by weibo user


Sony IMX607 Specifications and Huawei P30 Pro Exposure 7

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