Honor  V20 – Three Breakthroughs Technologies, Official Teaser, Leaked Hands-on Video

Honor held a technical communication meeting in Hong Kong, and officially announced the Honor V20 mobile phone, the phone will hold a press conference in Beijing on December 26, The new technology presented at the conference will be used on the V20. 

The Honor V20 is equipped with three ” breakthrough technologies“, including 48 megapixel AI ultra-clear photography technology, Link Turbo, and glamorous full-screen. Among them, Link Turbo will be the world’s first in the honor of Magic2, and some of its capabilities can already be experienced on the honor Magic2.

Honor Link Turbo Technology
Link Turbo’s full-network aggregation technology intelligent link off-flow mode intelligently detects network congestion and automatically switches instant applications to 4G channels, allowing you to chat, shop, and download without delay. According to the official, Link Turbo technology has two working modes, namely intelligent link aggregation working mode and intelligent link shunt mode. 
The intelligent link aggregation mode allows users to send and receive data simultaneously on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks to meet high-throughput service scenarios. The smart link shunt mode can solve the scenario where the WIFI signal looks strong from the end side, but the actual application experience is not good.

For example, when a smartphone is connected to a low-quality Wi-Fi network, Alipay (WeChat/Drip taxi, etc.) is urgently required to pay, Link Turbo technology will intelligently judge the current network environment and automatically use the data traffic to ensure payment function get on.

Honor V20 to be World’s First 48mp Camera Phone
For the 48 Megapixel AI ultra-clear photography technology, the V20 will be the first to be equipped with Sony’s high-end camera IMX586, which supports 48 million ultra-high pixels, 1/2.0-inch large sensor size, pixel 4-in-1 color filter, and 4 times hardware HDR. It is equipped with 4x hardware HDR, and in low-light environments, such as night, it can still produce high-light and low-noise photos and videos.

Sony IMX586 Specifications
In addition, the Kirin 980’s dual-channel ISP improves pixel throughput by 46% and AI imaging by 134%. In addition, it combines Honor’s 48 megapixel AI ultra-clear optimization technology to deliver higher-definition imaging.

Honor V20

The last technology is the “magic eye full screen”, the charm eye full screen is actually the screen camera technology, the official said that the realization of its technology is not easy. In order to ensure visual beauty and self-timer effect, the R&D partners have tried to control the aperture to a limit of 4.5mm, and the front camera is embedded in the screen, so that the reading content is more comprehensive, even if the horizontal screen does not affect the visual experience.

Honor V20 Promotional Poster



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