Official promo: Huawei Nova 4 appearance exposure

Official promo: Huawei Nova 4 appearance exposure 1

Huawei official microblogging officially announced that nova 4 self-timer full-screen mobile phone will be on the couch on December 17.

Huawei Nova 4

Previously, the official only released the poster of Huawei nova 4. From the poster, nova 4 adopted a pole-wide screen design, which is to open a hole in the upper left corner of the screen to place the front camera.

Huawei Nova 4

Huawei nova 2S was released in December last year. On July 18 this year, Huawei officially released the Huawei nova 3 new mobile phone in Shenzhen, and equipped with the Kirin 970 processor. According to the frequency of the semi-annual update, the Huawei nova 4 released on December 17 is likely to be equipped with Huawei’s latest Kirin 980 processor.

Huawei Nova 4

It is reported that Huawei nova 4 is equipped with three-shot and fingerprint recognition at the same time, and the back color is matched with a gradient color, which is also a very popular color match this year.Now, an official video, unveiled the mystery of Huawei nova 4. Let’s take a look.



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