Microsoft plans large, foldable Surface : Project Centaurus

Microsoft plans large, foldable Surface : Project Centaurus 15

In the coming year, some new devices should start with a foldable display. Now there is new evidence that Microsoft also has various plans in the drawer: The latest is under the name “Centaurus”. 

Microsoft’s project Andromeda is already known from last year. Now Centaurus continues with future projects named after constellations. At least Brad Sams reports in his book “Beneath a Surface” (via Windows Latest ). In the book, Sams first talks about planned new Surface devices that build on existing series: These include, for example, a Surface Pro Tablet with a USB-C port in Q4 2019, or even a Surface Laptop, with an AMD processor running.

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Project Centaurus is something new. According to Sam’s information, it ties in with Andromeda and is only designed for a larger format. According to Microsoft, the project is to develop a foldable dual-screen device that “could be bigger than the previous reports and could be closer to a PC than to a smartphone”. The device could come in 2019 on the market. 

Andromeda and Centaurus should be very similar in the base, at least in terms of technology and operation, hence the same code names for the projects. At Andromeda, insiders are expecting a device that folds up as big as a smartphone and unfolds like a tablet; with Centaurus one should be unfolded on a size like with a PC, thus at least 13 inches come. 


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