MediaTek Helio P90 Coming December 13

After the Helio P70 was released in a low profile and was launched by OPPO’s Realme U1, MediaTek’s next move was significantly larger: On December 13, the Helio P90 was released in Shenzhen. The current product ARM core architecture, GPU, carrier aggregation network support capability, and AI computing architecture of Snapdragon/Kirin/Exynos have made new progress. I don’t know where the P90 can go. 

Although the Helio P60 is relatively out of the discussion of social networking, with the widespread adoption of the OV two manufacturers in the RXYA series, the shipments have improved significantly during the P25/P30 period. 

MediaTek Helio P90

The specifications of the P90 determine whether MediaTek can reinvigorate the volume of public opinion discussions in the industry. At present, the mid- to high-end market Xiaolong 670/710 has almost divided the market (Huawei relies on the old flagship SoC Kirin 970 to cut prices), how much competitiveness the P90 can have, waiting to see.

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