ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars Hands -on video, Price and Specifications

ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars Hands -on video, Price and Specifications 1

In April of this year, Nubia released the first generation of Red Magic Mars mobile phone, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. After more than half a year, the second generation of Red Magic Mars mobile phone came. According to the data, the second-generation Red Devils Mars esports mobile phone also opened crowdfunding in Jingdong. After the crowdfunding started, it achieved the goal of 1 million yuan in two hours. Ni Fei, general manager of Nubian smartphones, announced that in the past double eleven, the sales of game mobile phones in the Jingdong platform reached the first place, and announced that the future Magic Mars phones will be sold abroad.

 ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars Hands -on

Compared with the first generation, the second-generation Nubian Red Magic Mars phone has not changed much in appearance. The front is a 6-inch FHD+ high-definition LCD screen with forehead and chin, which is somewhat out of place in the current popular screen. The back is almost exactly the same as the first generation. There are four speakers near the four corners, red accents. From top to bottom, there are flash, hexagonal single lens, long hexagonal fingerprint recognition module and RGB light strip below.

ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars

Although the appearance has not changed, the configuration of the Nubian Red Magic Mars esports phone has changed a lot. Probably because the first generation was released, I had to use only the Snapdragon835 processor. This time, the Red Devils Mars used the latest Qualcomm 845 chip, and this time the highest version used 10GB LPDDR4X + 256GB UFS 2.1. Ni Fei said that the user who got the top match with the Red Magic Mars Gaming mobile phone is the first player in China to use the 10GB LPDDR4X memory phone.

ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars

another important technology is that the Red Magic Mars Gaming phone has joined the dual cooling system. As the name implies, this dual cooling system refers to both air-cooling and liquid-cooling cooling modes, and adds a three-layer graphene heat sink. This cooling system can reduce the core temperature of the Snapdragon 845 processor by 13.2 degrees Celsius and improve performance by 70%.

ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars

The new generation Nubian Red Magic Mars Gaming mobile phone has three colors: Flame Red, Yao Shi Black and Battlefield Camouflage. 6GB+64GB is priced at 2699 yuan, 8GB+128GB is priced at 3199 yuan, and top 10GB+256GB is priced at 3999. yuan. At the same time, a series of peripheral products were also launched.

Red Magic Mars Hands On Gaming Video


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