Lenovo Z5s Spotted at MIIT Certificate Centre

Lenovo Z5s Spotted at MIIT Certificate Centre 1

Lenovo is really fast… The Z5s released by the official announcement in December is actually a synchronous camera. I used to say that there is another Lenovo in this year. I didn’t expect the model of the camera to be directly opened. In this year’s time, Lenovo’s mobile phone business in China restarted from scratch to the full trend of the latest technology application.

Lenovo Z5s teaser Poster

Lenovo Z5s Teaser Official image
The Z5s, model number L78071, has already been certified by TENAA, 3C, and MIIT in China, so its release may only be a matter of weeks now.

Z5s will three rear camera on back and for front side cut-out on center for selfie camera. Expected to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 and 3210mAh. Back design of Z5s copied form Huawei P20 Pro.

Lenovo Z5s extracted Image
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