Expectations are rising! Samsung S10 series or equipped with screen fingerprints 1

Expectations are rising! Samsung S10 series or equipped with screen fingerprints

According to media reports, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series , which will be released early next year, has identified screen fingerprint sensor suppliers, which means that Samsung’s flagship will have screen fingerprinting.

In fact, since this year, the screen fingerprint trend brought by vivo has swept the large and small manufacturers of mobile phone circles. In the simple calendar, such products on the market include Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, Meizu 16th, vivo X23, OPPO R17 Pro. A few models, but compared to domestic manufacturers, foreign brands seem to be slow to follow up on this technology. Whether it is Samsung’s flagship Note9 in the second half of the year, or Sony XZ3 or iPhone XS/XS Max, they adopt a more conservative strategy, which is to continue the previous unlocking scheme.

Samsung galaxy s10 hands-on picture
Samsung Galaxy S10

However, this situation should be changed in Samsung’s next flagship. As for the news currently available, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will use the Infinity-O display (digging screen) and the rear three-shot, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor. If you count the screen fingerprint technology, then this product will become Samsung’s first model with three-camera, screen fingerprint, plus the flagship chip blessing, will undoubtedly make the S10 series market competitiveness greatly improved.

Another rumor mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be equipped with a 5G version, details are pending for subsequent confirmation.

Samsung galaxy s10 and galaxy S10 Plus side by side picture
Samsung Galaxy S10 along with Galaxy S10 Plus

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